With Dara McKinley

Upcoming Course Dates Are:

FEBRUARY 5 - MARCH 5, 2023

APRIL 2 - APRIL 30, 2023

MAY 28 - JUNE 25, 2023

JULY 16 - AUGUST 13, 2023

AUGUST 27 - SEPTEMBER 24, 2023



Keep forgiving.

Dear Graduate,

Congratulations again on completing your first round of forgiveness! That was no small task.

For those of you who would like to continue this practice/keep forgiving – Bravo! This is an amazing desire. Wielding unconditional love is a gift that endlessly gives  back.  As a benefit of teaching this course, I have gone down the forgiveness path repeatedly over the last ten years and it has proven to be the greatest win-win-win of my life.

The How to Forgive online course is offered once every season/four times per year. As a graduate you have the option to enroll in the “All You Can Forgive”, a monthly membership. The membership includes:   

  • access to all How to Forgive courses for a fraction of the cost of one course
  • email coaching and the accountability text during official course run dates
  • graduate specific bonus videos 
  • year round access to all course content


  • be part of a global network of folks who are choose their emotional health and embark on the forgiveness path at the same time

When you keep forgiving, you continue to develop your divine mind muscles. Wielding unconditional love becomes second nature, seeing and loving your emotional world creates inner peace and reveals the way forward. It’s been the greatest win-win-win of my life.

Keep forgiving. 

All You Can Forgive Monthly Membership $44/month


Does this membership include and online community?

No it does not. Forgiveness is very personal work and thus better done privately.

Can I cancel the membership at any time?

Once a payment is made there are no refunds, but yes, you can exit the membership and cancel future charges at any time.

How do I cancel my membership?

Send an email to team (at) howtoforgive (dot) com in advance of your next charge and your membership will be cancelled. You’ll have access to the content until your missed charge date.

Have another question? Please email dara@howtoforgive.com.

Would you like to continue this practice with me?