With Dara McKinley


FEBRUARY 5 – MARCH 5, 2023

APRIL 2 – APRIL 30, 2023

MAY 28 – JUNE 25, 2023

AUGUST 27 – SEPTEMBER 24, 2023

OCTOBER 15 – NOVEMBER 12, 2023


Are there other things you would like to forgive?


All You Can Forgive is a continuing education program that offers graduates of How to Forgive the opportunity to continue forgiving within the How to Forgive model.


How it works:

All You Can Forgive offers program participants six forgiveness opportunities/rounds per year (exact dates listed above.)  A week before a round begins participants receive an email inviting them to join the round. Rounds run for four-weeks, include email coaching, and daily accountability text/email (optional).


How it’s different:

The main difference between All You can Forgive and How to Forgive is that your forgiveness journey now uses the How to Forgive Three-Week Process. Also, where How to Forgive teaches the step by step basics of forgiveness, All You Can Forgive is designed to develop forgiveness mastery.

Program Includes:

  • Full course access

  • Six forgiveness rounds/year

  • Monthly motivational videos

  • Notification of all course updates

Skills Developed:

  • Forgiveness Mastery

  • Emotional Fluency

  • Divine Mind Strengthening

All You Can Forgive: $75/month


By enrolling in the program am I committing to all six All You Can Forgive rounds?

No. You can do whatever rounds work for you.

Can I enter/exit the program at any time?

Yes, you can enter/exit the program at any time.

How do I exit?

Send an email to team (at) howtoforgive (dot) com in advance of your next charge and your enrollment will be discontinued within 24 hours.

Does this program include an online community?

Not at this time, but it is a vision for the future and will be optional.

Have another question? Please email team (at) howtoforgive (dot) com.

All You Can Forgive: $75/month