With Dara McKinley


APRIL 2 – APRIL 30, 2023

MAY 28 – JUNE 25, 2023

AUGUST 27 – SEPTEMBER 24, 2023

OCTOBER 15 – NOVEMBER 12, 2023


JANUARY 14 – FEBRUARY 11, 2024

Are there other things you would like to forgive?

Did you appreciate the structure and inspiration of How to Forgive?

Would you like forgiveness to become second nature?


If you answered yes to these questions, you can join any or all upcoming rounds of All You Can Forgive.


How it works:

Like How to Forgive, All You Can Forgive:

– is four-weeks long, with two additional weeks at the end if needed for catch-up
– delivers step-by-step prompts on Sundays’
– includes daily accountability text/email (optional)
– includes as-needed email coaching for the first four-weeks of the round
– has complete course access and course updates

How it’s different:

There are three main differences between All You can Forgive and How to Forgive. First, versus learning the step-by step practice, your forgiveness journey will be guided in graduate-specific ways. Second, email coaching is only available during the first four weeks though the accountability email/text is available for the extra two weeks. Third, How to Forgive is currently $525/round and All You Can Forgive is currently $150/round.

The next round of All You Can Forgive

April 2 - April 30, 2023