How To Forgive a Cheater

“It is easier to forgive an enemy than to forgive a friend.” William Blake

Infidelity is the most painful experience that can occur in a relationship–especially marriage.  More than 50% of all spouses are victims of infidelity. 

3 Responses to How To Forgive a Cheater

  • Rita says:

    I would like if you can send me more advice or stories on trying to forgive a cheating husband.

  • amber says:

    what if your spouse cheated with your brothers wife and had an affair for 5years, she got pregnant and had a abortion because she didnt know who the father was. How do you continue in a relationship like this? eventhough my husband and I been together for 21 years. I just dont know what to do, Its been over for a couple of years but its a constant conversation in our home, I never really talk open about this until now. This is not a comment but please feel free to do so

  • Paige Bentley says:

    Amber, I’m so sorry you have experienced this betrayal at such a deep level. Some things don’t make sense and will never make sense no matter how hard we try. I have found that it doesn’t work to just shove our feelings under the rug. We need to experience them, we need to sometimes let the other person know what they did to hurt us. But, at some point, when we’re ready, we turn it over to God. Only He can heal our hearts. Only He can help us move on in whatever path (whether to leave or stay) is best. God bless you in your journey…

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